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I'm an artisan liaison

in the Ixil region of Guatemala

passionate about connecting you to

rural artisans and their stories.

& this is
the Ixil Region
of Guatemala

I've been living and working in the remote Maya Ixil ("E-sheel") region of Guatemala for the past three years. This region captivated me because of its relative seclusion, natural beauty and woven wealth. Although there is no lack of artistic ability or desire to get ahead here, after meeting with many groups of weavers it quickly became clear that what is lacking is a sustainable and fair route to an international market.


This area was one of the hardest hit during the Guatemalan Civil war in the early 1980s and remains one of the most underdeveloped regions in the most underdeveloped department - Quiché - in Guatemala. Currently, weavers desperate for cash typically rely on local middle-men to get their products to markets in other parts of the country. This doesn't earn the weaver either a fair wage or the recognition she deserves for her skill or time. 


As an artisan liaison, I'm trying to build an ethical bridge between these rural weavers and the international marketplace.


Let's Work Together

to Support Ixil Weavers!

 I partner directly with weavers and cooperatives in the Ixil region in order to source unique products for your store in a conscientious, ethical manner.


Ask me about my catalog of available artisan products!



I work with you to create new designs to complement your existing inventory or customize any existing design from my catalog. 


Reach out about making your products as unique as your brand while supporting Ixil weavers!




I accompany weavers and artisans as they create the products in your order

to provide you with 

one-of-a-kind marketing materials.


Sell your products more effectively by sharing high-quality stories and media that transport your customers back to the source!




Get in Touch

Nebaj, Quiché, Guatemala

In Guatemala: +502 3175-0547

In the US or Via WhatsApp: +1 202-853-8829

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